Why I believe in Borrelia?

– I was bitten.
– I didn’t go to the doctor.
– Borreliatests showed activity against Borrelia Burgdorferi and Ehrlichia.
– I got treated for Candida (yeast infection) a couple of years ago. (And is getting it again)

– If I had ALS then I would statisticly been dead already, since my symptoms started already back in 2005, and the symptoms I had was throat based. In general the bulbar cases pass away faster.

Can’t wait for my test results for Lyme, Ehrlichia and Chlamydia Pneumonie (to see if there’s cellular activity)


About Gustav

I was full of life. I loved life. I still do, but I do not enjoy it as I used to. I am happy for others who do well instead. My current search is to find a cure to what I got. Unluckily I'm not a chemist nor a doctor. But I challenge myself until I got no more hope. Win or Lose. It has always been me. In work, in life. When I go out I want to do it in style as in having contributed to science in some way with my condition. Not just fading away at home. All the best to you and your health, it is more important than anything. /Gustav
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